A review of sustainability metrics and programs for bioenergy feedstock and biofuels

Production and use of biomass as a renewable energy source are growing in response to policies such as the Renewable Fuel Standard Program in the United States and the Renewable Energy Directive in the European Union. These policies require increasing percentages of renewable fuels in national energy portfolios and establish sustainability requirements for renewable fuels. In response, there is a growing demand for standards and certification schemes that can help ensure that biofuels are produced in a sustainable manner.
NCASI is distributing a new report, Special Report No. 14-02, Sustainability Metrics and Programs for Bioenergy Feedstock and Biofuels Derived from North American Forests. The report examines regulatory frameworks, policy guidance, and certification schemes for bioenergy feedstock and biofuels, with a focus on relevance to the production of biomass feedstock and biofuels derived from North American forests. In addition, attention is given to similarities and differences in scope between established forestry certification schemes and programs that are focused on sustainability of biofuel production systems.

This report will be of interest to NCASI Member Companies that participate in forest certification programs and/or biomass energy markets.

NCASI members can download this report from NCASI’s website (www.ncasi.org) or obtain a printed copy by sending an email request to publications@ncasi.org.  

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