Caribou Lab at the Northern Regional Center Sample Collection on the Willamette River Orange air emissions testing balloon

Caribou Nutrition

NCASI is investigating the nutritional needs of caribou in a multi-year program to identify options for enhancing the viability of caribou populations in managed boreal forests. Read more ›

Testing Mill Effluents

Laurel Eppstein and Bill Thacker conduct chemical phosphorus removal experiments on mill effluent. Read more about NCASI's water quality program ›

Long-Term Receiving Water Study

Bill Arthurs and Joan Ikoma collect data on fish, macroinvertebrate and periphyton populations and communities for NCASI's Long-Term Receiving Water Study (LTRWS). Read more ›

Air Emissions Testing

Ann Crapo, Ben Fair, and Bill Rice prepare to collect ambient samples of sulfur gases from wastewater treatment ponds. Read more about NCASI's air quality program ›


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The National Council for Air and Stream Improvement is an independent, non-profit research institute that focuses on environmental topics of interest to the forest products industry. Membership is open to forest products companies in the U.S., Canada, and beyond.

What's New

webcastGeneric NCASI will hold a webcast on Tuesday, September 30, at 2:00 PM (EDT) to review the Cooling Water Intake Structure (CWIS) rule. The webcast will cover information that mills may consider gathering prior to applying for future NPDES permits that may include provisions related to cooling water intake structures.
EPA - Water - Final, Promulgated 316(b) Rule - Cooling Water Intake Structures
EPA - Water - Final Rule - Use of Sufficiently Sensitive Methods for Permit Applications and Reporting
NCASI is conducting a search for a President and CEO to succeed Dr. Ron Yeske, who has served in that capacity since 1994 and plans to retire later this year.