Membership for Companies in Canada

NCASI established a center in Montreal in 2002, and since then has executed a technical studies program that serves the specific interests of forest products companies in Canada. Canadian member companies’ dues are used exclusively to support the Canadian program. A Canadian Steering Committee composed of environmental managers from Canadian member companies meets regularly to identify new research opportunities, review progress on projects, and set the technical agenda.

Canadian companies that manufacture pulp, paper, or solid wood products in Canada are eligible to become members of NCASI, as are companies that own or manage industrial forestlands in Canada. Membership status is offered only to entire companies, rather than to individual mill or forestland operations. A multinational company operating in Canada may be a Canadian member company and, at the same time, a member company in another category (U.S. member company, for example).

Membership dues rates are set each year by the Canadian Steering Committee. The dues rate for Canadian member companies is currently roughly one-fourth of the U.S. member companies’ rate. For Canadian companies that manufacture pulp, paper, or wood panels, dues are based on the company’s self-reported production in Canada of those products in the prior calendar year. Different products incur dues levies at different rates, depending on their environmental impact and corresponding need for NCASI support. To assist in the calculation of membership dues, an Excel template and instructions will be provided upon request.

To request more information about membership, please contact Kirsten Vice (