Forest Carbon Issues

EPA Science Advisory Board's Panel on Biogenic Carbon Emissions

In January 2011, EPA announced a series of steps to address the treatment of biogenic carbon dioxide emissions from stationary sources, including a detailed study of the scientific and technical issues associated with accounting for biogenic carbon dioxide emissions from stationary sources. Biogenic carbon dioxide emissions are defined as emissions from a stationary source directly resulting from the combustion or decomposition of biologically-based materials other than fossil fuels. As a part of this process, in September 2011, EPA prepared a document describing a draft accounting framework and assembled a review panel under its Science Advisory Board (SAB) to provide feedback on the document. NCASI submitted comments on the draft accounting framework and has made several presentations to the Panel.

  • NCASI Presentation to the EPA SAB's Panel on Biogenic Carbon Emissions (May 2012)
  • NCASI Comments on 3-9-12 Deliberative Draft of the EPA SAB's Biogenic Carbon Emissions Pane (March 2012)
  • NCASI Comments on EPA's Draft Accounting Framework for Biogenic Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Stationary Sources (October 2011)
  • Corporate Correspondent Memorandum No. 11-030 : NCASI Comments on EPA Report "Accounting Framework for Biogenic CO2 Emissions from Stationary Sources" (October 27, 2011)
  • Corporate Correspondent Memorandum No. 11-028 : Draft EPA Assessment on Biogenic Carbon Accounting (September 30, 2011)

Calculation Tools 

  • Carbon On-Line Estimator (C.O.L.E.) is an online program, developed by NCASI for the US Forest Service, for estimating the carbon stored in forests
  • HABPLAN is a program developed by NCASI for incorporating wildlife and carbon considerations into forest harvest scheduling.
  • Carbon Budget Model of the Canadian Forest Sector (CBM-CFS3) is a landscape-level forest carbon accounting framework, developed by Natural Resources Canada, that simulates, over a given period of time, carbon dynamics of above-ground and below-ground forest biomass and dead organic matter.

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