Volume 30, No. 04 - April 4, 2018

2018 FIA National User Group Meeting

Each year, the U.S. Forest Service, the Society of American Foresters, and NCASI collaborate to organize a National FIA User Group meeting. The 2018 National FIA User Group Meeting will be held in Berkeley, California on April 24–25, and will be followed by a Carbon Day program on April 26. The meeting also includes a field trip to Muir Woods on the morning of Tuesday, April 24.

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Publications address green tree retention in intensively managed loblolly pine forests of Arkansas and Louisiana

For several years, NCASI has been collaborating with Mississippi State University to characterize the vegetation structure of streamside management zones and stringers associated with 60 new established (three years post-establishment), intensively managed pine forest stands in the South Central Plains ecoregion of Arkansas and Louisiana. The investigators also documented bird communities on these same study sites. Two recent publications in Forest Ecology and Management presented results from this study.

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NCASI publications summarize results from studies of historical and projected forest growth response to climate factors

Forest certification standards ask their participants to consider the potential for climate factors to affect forest growth, estimates of forest inventory, and planned harvests. Thus, NCASI recently published two reports, Technical Bulletin No. 1045 and Technical Bulletin No. 1046, summarizing results from studies of forest response to past and projected changes in climate factors.

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NCASI participating in study of gopher tortoises in working forests

Recently, the University of Georgia, Mississippi State University, NCASI, and NCASI member companies have collaborated to initiate a study of gopher tortoise ecology in working pine forests. Field work will begin in spring 2018.

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