U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service determines listings of 25 species under the Endangered Species Act are not warranted

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has announced 12-month findings on petitions to list 25 species as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The Service has found that, after a thorough review of available scientific and commercial information, listing of the species is not warranted at this time.

The petitions identified climate change as a threat to many of the 25 species and petitions for three species—Bicknell’s thrush, the Northern Rocky Mountains population of the fisher, and the Oregon Cascades-California and Black Hills populations of black-backed woodpecker—asserted that forestry practices were a threat. NCASI submitted technical comments and other information to the Service related to all three of these species.

The notice of 12-month petition findings appeared in the October 5, 2017 issue of the Federal Register (82 FR 46618–46645).