Forestry technical session at NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting to address forest resource assessment and sustainability

As previously announced, the Forestry Technical Session at the 2017 NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 27 in Vancouver, Washington, at The Heathman Lodge. The session, which is titled Forest Resource Assessment and Sustainability in the Pacific Northwest, will begin at 10:00 a.m. and conclude at 3:00 p.m. The agenda follows.

Lessons Learned and Best Practices for Sustaining Site Productivity of Pacific Northwest Douglas-Fir
Scott Holub, Weyerhaeuser Company 

Understanding the Effects of Harvesting and Vegetation Control on Four Long-Term Soil Productivity Sites
Kim Littke, University of Washington 

A Lake States Chronosequence Study of Residue Removal Effects on Aspen Forests: Implications for Practices in the Pacific Northwest
Michael Premer, Rayonier 

Historical Trends and Projections of Pacific Northwest Forest Productivity
Craig Loehle, NCASI 

Data for Forest Resources Assessment and Projection
Glenn Christensen, USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory Analysis 

Tracking Timber Harvest and Use in the Western US
Todd Morgan, University of Montana 

Modeling the Forest Products Sector in the Northwest
Greg Latta, University of Idaho 

In addition to the Forestry Technical Session, the Regional Meeting will feature a General Session on the morning of September 26 as well as other sessions on September 26-27 addressing topics such as Sustainable Manufacturing and Climate, Air Quality, Water Quality, and Wood Products. 

Information about logistics, registration, the agenda, and other aspects of the meeting is available at Karen Phelps can also assist with questions about registration or logistics. For general questions about the Regional Meeting, please contact Diana Cook or Paul Wiegand. For matters regarding the Forestry Technical Session, please contact Jake Verschuyl.  

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