Volume 29, No. 04 - April 5, 2017

Forestry technical session planned at NCASI Northern Regional Meeting

NCASI has scheduled its 2017 Northern Regional Meeting for May 2-4 at the Jefferson Street Inn in Wausau, Wisconsin. This year's meeting will include a Forestry Technical Session titled Environmental Issues and Forest Management in the Lake States.

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Wisconsin logging capacity utilization study published

As part of the Wisconsin Forest Practices Study, a team of researchers from Virginia Tech and University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point conducted a study of logging capacity utilization in Wisconsin. The study, led by Dr. Joseph L. Conrad IV (now with University of Georgia), has been published in the International Journal of Forest Engineering.

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Study reports on breeding bird responses to harvest of logging residues

With increased interest in using wood for energy questions have arisen about the influence that removing logging residues for bioenergy purposes might have on breeding birds and other animal species. In a recent publication, the authors report that the bird community in the young pine forests was affected more by the developing vegetation than availability of harvest residues.  

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U.S. Department of Energy announces dates for 10th annual bioeconomy conference

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office has announced that its 10th annual conference—Bioeconomy 2017: Domestic Resources for a Vibrant Future!—will be held on July 11-12 in Arlington, Virginia.

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Paper reports on study of marine habitat selection by marbled murrelets

To assist in gaining a better understanding of murrelet use of foraging habitat, NCASI supported a study by the U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station on marine habitat selection by individually tagged marbled murrelets.

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