Volume 28, No. 11 - November 16, 2016

Study investigating long-term effects of wet-weather forest harvesting

Twenty-five years ago, a study was established in the Francis Marion National Forest in South Carolina to evaluate soil and vegetative effects of primary skid trail rutting and churning as ameliorated with four types of mechanical site preparation with two levels of fertilization. Twenty-five years later, a project is underway to examine the long-term effects of these practices on tree and stand growth and soil physical properties.

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West Coast Regional Center relocates in Corvallis, Oregon

Earlier this year, as part of a broader restructuring at NCASI, laboratory functions were consolidated to the NCASI Southern Regional Center.  As a result, less space was needed at the West Coast Regional Center and staff have relocated to a new space ideally suited to their needs. 

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Progress reported in study of soil resilience to intensive harvesting in Douglas-fir

Investigators are using soil chemicals derived from roots, needles, wood, and soil microbes along with other techniques (stable isotopes and soil density fractions) to elucidate factors contributing to soil resilience following harvesting of Douglas-fir. 

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Paper addresses winter bird response to harvest of logging residues

NCASI recently supported a study in North Carolina to (1) evaluate effects of varying intensities of woody biomass harvest on the winter bird community, and (2) document spatial associations between winter bird species and available habitat structure, including downed wood, in regenerating loblolly pine stands. 

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Relocation of analytical services to the Southern Regional Center in Newberry, Florida now complete

Barring a few remodeling items, the consolidation of Analytical Services to the NCASI Southern Regional Center is done. All effluent/wastewater analyses capabilities are now operational and being fulfilled out of the new consolidated laboratory. As part of this consolidation and transition, NCASI has also hired Dr. Colin Conerly to manage the Analytical Services program.

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