Online information resources address forest health issues and economic contributions of southern forests

Two websites now provide information resources on forest health issues in the Southeast and the economic impact of forests in the region.

A website developed by the Southern Regional Extension Forestry (SREF) Forest Heath program provides education and information pertaining to invasive plants, insects, and fungi affecting southern forest health, and general information about several forest health issues such as oak decline. 

Information is available in a variety of platforms and media, including downloadable literature and fact sheets, editable PowerPoint files, and short videos.

The SREF Forest Health program also offers a webinar series, with monthly presentations focused on important forest health topics in the southeastern US.  

The Forest Health website was developed with support from the USDA Forest Service (Forest Health Protection) and the University of Georgia (Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources), and is located at

SREF has also collaborated with the Southern Group of State Foresters to develop a website describing the importance of forests and the forest product industry in the southern United States. The website is located at

The website provides links to state-level forest economic reports for each of the thirteen southern states, regional reports for the Southern Region, and recent forest economic news.

Report content varies, as each state has its own data collection, measurement, and analysis methods, although all of them include similar basic information.