Forestry technical session planned at NCASI Northern Regional Meeting

NCASI has scheduled its 2016 Northern Regional Meeting for May 4-5 at the Jefferson Street Inn in Wausau, Wisconsin. This year's meeting will include a forestry technical session titled “Wood Supply Costs and Constraints in Wisconsin and the Lake States: Implications for Forest Resources and Management.”

On the morning of Wednesday, May 4, the meeting’s general session will open with a series of presentations highlighting environmental, regulatory, and other developments of regional interest, including a presentation by Dr. Craig Loehle on “Trends and Prospects for United States Forest Health.” After the general session, the forestry technical session will convene from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., followed by an early evening networking reception.

The following morning, NCASI will host a forestry roundtable discussion breakfast after which the forestry session will resume for a half-day beginning at 8:00 a.m., adjourning by noon.

Over the two days, much of the forestry session will focus on results from the Wisconsin Forest Practices Study, a collaborative project addressing information gaps about the costs and benefits of forest policies, regulations, and guidelines in Wisconsin. The session will also address topics related to bat habitat in Minnesota forests, the role of young forests for breeding bird populations, and the U.S. Forest Carbon Accounting Framework. Presentations will include the following.

Overview of the Wisconsin Forest Practices Study
Henry Schienebeck, Great Lakes Timber Professionals
Jane Severt, Wisconsin County Forests Association

The Scale and Cost of Seasonal Harvesting Restrictions in Wisconsin
Michael Demchik, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point 

Wisconsin Wood Supply Assessment – Landowner Survey
Melinda Vokoun, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point 

Wisconsin Wood Supply Assessment – Logging Capacity Utilization
Joseph Conrad, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point 

Economic and Ecological Effects of Forest Practices and Harvesting Constraints on Wisconsin’s Forest Resources and Economy
Fred Clark, The Forest Guild 

Summer Habitat Use by Bats in Managed Minnesota Forests
Ron Moen, University of Minnesota – Duluth 

Importance of Young Forests for Breeding Bird Populations
Gerald Niemi and Alexis Grinde, University of Minnesota – Duluth 

The U.S. Forest Carbon Accounting Framework and Recent Advancements in Carbon Pool Science
Grant Domke, U.S. Forest Service Northern Research Station 

Wisconsin Wood Supply Assessment – Overview
Stephen Prisley, Virginia Tech 

Wisconsin Wood Supply Assessment – Forest Resources
Stephen Prisley, Virginia Tech 

Wood Supply Chain Component Cost Analysis: A Comparison of Wisconsin and U.S. Regional Costs
Forrest M. Gibeault, Steigerwaldt Land Services, Inc. 

An Evaluation of Single-Tree Selection and the Order-of-Removal in Northern Hardwood Forests / Economic Assessment of Rotation Lengths in Red Pine and Aspen Forests
Forrest M. Gibeault, Steigerwaldt Land Services, Inc. 

Wisconsin Wood Supply Assessment – Results of Modeling Scenarios
Stephen Prisley, Virginia Tech 

Industry Perspectives on the Implications of Management Restrictions in Wisconsin

Robert Peterson, Domtar 

Participants will be eligible for Continuing Forestry Education credits from the Society of American Foresters. More information about the NCASI Northern Regional Meeting is available at


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