Society of American Foresters releases report on sustainable management of Louisiana cypress forests

The Society of American Foresters (SAF) recently released a report that offers recommendations for sustainable management of cypress forests in coastal areas of Louisiana. The report builds on findings of a report issued in 2005 by the Louisiana Governor’s Coastal Wetland Forest Conservation and Use Science Working Group. It summarizes the current state of knowledge on cypress ecology and management and proposes methods for land managers to determine a site-specific sustainability category based on the “totality of evidence obtained from soils, vegetation indicators, on‐site hydrologic monitoring, and salinity.” 

The Working Group indicates that sustainable management can occur on sites capable of supporting successive stands of cypress via natural or artificial regeneration and offers science-based recommendations, by sustainability category, for regeneration, intermediate stand management, and operations in wetlands including for forest roads, skid trails, and canals.

It also notes, however, that “management plans for a specific site should be guided by applicable regulations, landowner objectives, consultation with natural resource managers, sustainability considerations, and numerous other factors as described throughout this report.”

A copy of the report is available at