Journal publishes papers on Pan American biofuel and bioenergy sustainability

Currently, there are significant information gaps about implications of large-scale biofuels and bioenergy production for environmental systems and society. Recently, the journal Environmental Management ( published a special collection of articles that address Pan American biofuel and bioenergy sustainability. The seven articles appear in the December 2015 issue of the journal (Volume 56, Issue 6).

The papers address the following topics:

  • the current state of knowledge and gaps in research on biogeochemical processes related to biomass production;
  • potential influences that bioenergy crops could have on streams flow, water quality, and water availability for other uses;
  • challenges and opportunities for biodiversity;
  • biofuel policies in Pan American countries from the perspective of sustainability;
  • social issues and tensions accompanying expansion of the production of biofuels;
  • design and analysis of biomass supply chains for biofuel and bioenergy production and identification of key challenges specific to them; and
  • results from the recent literature on life cycle assessment of biofuels in the Pan American region.

The articles are one outcome of a Research Coordination Network (RCN) on Pan American Biofuels and Bioenergy Sustainability that was established with lead funded from the National Science Foundation. The goal of the RCN project is to create a community of biofuels/bioenergy researchers and industry/government/NGO practitioners concerned with sustainable biofuels and bioenergy development across the Americas.

Invited NCASI staff participated in a RCN conference  that formed the basis of the special collection papers.

More information about the RCN and its activities is available at