Volume 27, No. 10 - October 28, 2015

Study documenting contributions of streamside management zones to conservation of stream-associated salamanders

For the past several years, scientists with the University of Arkansas and Weyerhaeuser Company have been studying stream-associated salamanders in the Ouachita Mountain region of Arkansas.

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NCASI support for research requirements in forest certification programs

NCASI’s forestry research program addresses topics identified in the major forest certification programs used in North America such as forest health and productivity, forest chemical use, water quality and effectiveness of best management practices, conservation of wildlife and biological diversity, ecological implications of bioenergy feedstock removals, climate change, and forest operations efficiencies and economics. 

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Range mapping to assess extinction risk of species in Canada

Two NCASI scientists, Dr. Craig Loehle and Dr. Darren J.H. Sleep, recently examined how geographic range changes are used in the listing process for species, with an emphasis on terrestrial vertebrates in Canada. The authors found that geographic range is not a clearly defined metric and no two studies reviewed by the authors used the same methods and/or data for mapping ranges.

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Study examines soil nitrogen availability associated with switchgrass intercropping systems

A recent publication presents results from a study supported by NCASI in collaboration with Weyerhaeuser Company in which researchers examined soil nutrient availability and microbial biomass in pine-switchgrass systems in Louisiana, North Carolina, and Mississippi, and in a cottonwood-switchgrass system in Arkansas and Louisiana.

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Draft recovery plan released for Oregon Coast coho salmon

The National Marine Fisheries Service recently announced that a proposed recovery plan for the federally threatened Oregon Coast coho salmon is available for public review and comment. The proposed plan addresses an evolutionarily significant unit (ESU) of coho salmon that spawns and rears in rivers and lakes along the Oregon Coast from the Necanicum River near Seaside on the north to the Sixes River near Port Orford on the south.

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