Volume 27, No. 07 - July 29, 2015

New NCASI Technical Bulletin describes herbicide use patterns on corporate forest land

NCASI recently posted a new report to its website, Technical Bulletin No. 1031, Herbicide Use Patterns on Corporate Forest Lands in the United States, 2011. The report presents results of a survey of corporate forest owners to characterize applications of forestry herbicides in 2011 on lands under their control in the US.

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Federal agencies propose changes to regulations for Endangered Species Act petitions

Recently, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service proposed changes to regulations concerning Endangered Species Act petitions. The Services state that the changes are intended to “improve content and specificity of petitions and to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the petitions process to support species conservation.”

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EPA releases endocrine disruptor screening results for pesticides

The Food Quality Protection Act directed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop a program to screen pesticides and environmental contaminants for their potential to affect the endocrine systems of humans and wildlife.

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Paper describes toad response to removal of woody harvest residues

A recent paper presents results from an experiment investigating southern toad response to different amounts and distributional patterns of woody debris retained following clearcut harvest in loblolly pine plantations.

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Forestry technical session planned at NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting

NCASI will hold its 2015 West Coast Regional Meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 22 and 23, at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, Washington.

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