Volume 27, No. 03 - March 18, 2015

Recent collaborative project identifies vernal pools on state forest lands in Michigan

A year-long project to identify vernal pools was recently conducted by Michigan State University (MSU), the Michigan Forest Products Council (MFPC), the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and Verso Corporation. Vernal pools provide habitat for many species of conservation interest. Results from the collaborative project are summarized in a report titled Identifying and Mapping Vernal Pools on State Forest Lands in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

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International Energy Agency releases report on assessing environmental aspects of biomass supply chains

The International Energy Agency released a technical report on assessing the environmental performance of biomass supply chains. The report, Assessing the Environmental Performance of Biomass Supply Chains, seeks to provide state of the art information on environmental impacts of biomass supply chains, how to assess biomass supply chains, challenges, and limitations.

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Recent paper assesses habitat suitability models for northern spotted owls

The northern spotted owl is a species of significant conservation concern, and management of the species has had important implications for forest management in the Pacific Northwest. A recent paper evaluated the potential and limitations of a critical habitat analysis by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that included a range-wide analysis of owl nest site data using statistical models.  

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2015 Forest Inventory and Analysis Science Symposium

The U.S. Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program has announced that the 2015 FIA Science Symposium will be held on December 8 – 10 in Portland, Oregon. The symposium will emphasize “the development of innovative approaches to incorporating non-traditional techniques and uses of inventory information. The Symposium brings together international forest scientists, managers, and stakeholders to share insights on a wide variety of topics, including contemporary issues, science policy, mensuration, geospatial products, and inventory methods.”

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Recent study documents small mammal response to biomass harvesting

The potential for woody biomass harvests to remove some logging residues and trees that ordinarily would not be merchantable has raised questions about potential environmental consequences, including those for wildlife communities. A recent publication reports results from a study that compared shrew captures among six woody biomass harvesting treatments in pine plantations in North Carolina and Georgia. 

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