Volume 26, No. 07 - August 27, 2014

Forestry technical session scheduled for NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting

The 2014 NCASI West Coast Regional Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, September 23 and 24, at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, Washington.

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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service announces draft policy regarding voluntary prelisting conservation actions

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service recently announced a draft policy on crediting voluntary conservation actions taken for species prior to their listing under the Endangered Species Act.

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NCASI publishes compilation of Canadian provincial and federal regulations relevant to forest management activities

NCASI recently posted Special Report No. 14-03, Compilation of Canadian Provincial and Federal Regulations Relevant to Forest Management Activities, which provides a framework for considering the comparability of regulatory requirements across the nation.

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United Kingdom report estimates greenhouse gas emissions associated with using biomass sourced from North America

The United Kingdom Department of Energy and Climate Change recently released a report describing results of a life cycle analysis investigating carbon emissions associated with using biomass sourced from North American forests to produce electricity.

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Two projects initiated through the Wisconsin Forest Practices Study

Recently, two projects were initiated as part of the Wisconsin Forest Practices Study. The Wisconsin Wood Supply Assessment will start with current forest inventory data from the US Forest Service, but will take into consideration factors known to constrain forest harvesting, such as parcel size, soils, and population density. The second project, the Wisconsin Wood Fiber Supply Chain Costs Analysis, will document the costs of each link in the wood fiber supply chain and compare these costs to three other US regions. 

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Paper examines the science supporting biomass harvesting guidelines

Increased use of woody biomass for energy has led to questions about potential impacts of more intensive and frequent forest harvesting and associated site disturbance on soil productivity. Concern about these issues also has led to development of biomass harvesting guidelines that restrict biomass harvesting and associated practices. A recent paper examining the science supporting these guidelines was published.

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IUFRO World Congress to convene in Salt Lake City

The 24th IUFRO World Congress will convene October 5–11 in Salt Lake City, UtahThe World Congress is held every five years to share knowledge and highlight new science and tools developed to enhance forest resources management and conservation.

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