IUFRO World Congress to convene in Salt Lake City

The 24th IUFRO World Congress will convene October 5–11 in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is anticipated that 3,000–4,000 delegates from over 100 countries will attend. IUFRO is the International Union of Forest Research Organizations, the world’s forest science network. Its mission is to “promote global cooperation; networking and collaboration on forest-related research to enhance the understanding got the ecologic, economic and social aspects of forests and trees, including wood and non-wood products, goods and services.” The World Congress is held every five years to share knowledge and highlight new science and tools developed to enhance forest resources management and conservation. The 2014 Congress is titled Sustaining Forests, Sustaining People: The Role of Research, and it will include 150 technical sessions, aligned with seven broad themes:

  • Forests for People
  • Forests and Climate Change
  • Forest Biomass and Bioenergy
  • Forest Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services
  • Forest and Water Interactions
  • Forests and Forest Products for a Greener Future
  • Forest Health in a Changing World

More information about the 2014 IUFRO World Congress is available at http://iufro2014.com/.