Volume 26, No. 06 - July 28, 2014

West Coast Regional Meeting to be held in Vancouver, Washington

Plans are being made for the 2014 West Coast Regional Meeting, scheduled for Monday through Wednesday, September 22-24, at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, Washington.

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Public comment period extended for proposed listing of northern long-eared bat as threatened

Recently, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced a 6-month extension of the final determination of whether to federally list the northern long-eared bat (Myotis septentrionalis) as endangered (79 Federal Register 36698). The agency also reopened for 60 days the comment period on the proposed rule to list the species.

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Effects of vegetation control on soil carbon and nitrogen in Pacific Northwest Douglas-fir

A recent study found no significant effect of an initial five years of vegetation control on soil carbon and nitrogen in a 12-year-old Douglas-fir plantation compared to a no vegetation control treatment.

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NCASI webcast on climate change and its effects on forest ecosystems

Some forest certification programs require participants to be knowledgeable about climate change science and implications for forest ecosystems. NCASI will host a webcast on August 27 to assist its Member Companies that participate in forest certification programs and are interested in increasing their awareness of climate change.

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A review of sustainability metrics and programs for bioenergy feedstock and biofuels

NCASI is distributing a new report, Special Report No. 14-02, Sustainability Metrics and Programs for Bioenergy Feedstock and Biofuels Derived from North American Forests. The report examines regulatory frameworks, policy guidance, and certification schemes for bioenergy feedstock and biofuels, with a focus on relevance to the production of biomass feedstock and biofuels derived from North American forests.

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NCASI releases updated compilation of conservation planning efforts

Many companies engaged in timber production and/or wood procurement participate in forest certification programs that include requirements related to conservation of biodiversity. In order to meet these requirements, managers of forest certification activities need to be knowledgeable about ongoing conservation programs. To address this need, NCASI has released Technical Bulletin No. 1022, A Summary of Conservation Planning Efforts in Forested Regions of the United States: 2014 Update.

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