Wisconsin Forest Practices Study

Forest policies in Wisconsin have been evolving rapidly in recent decades. There has been much discussion and debate regarding effects that changing policies have on current forest-based operations and potential future growth in Wisconsin’s forest products industry. Information gaps exist regarding the costs and benefits of forest policies, regulations, and guidelines in Wisconsin.

The Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association and Wisconsin County Forests Association are addressing these information gaps through a project known as the Wisconsin Forest Practices Study (WFPS). NCASI is involved in a technical support role. The WFPS study plan, a Request for Proposals (RFP), and related documents are posted at http://study.wisconsinforestry.org. Research priorities described in the RFP are:

  • What is the availability of wood fiber in the state – by broad product categories, region, and ownership – now and in the future? How have changes in land ownership and management objectives, experienced over the last 15 years, affected the supply of wood fiber?
  • What are the economic and ecological consequences (cost/benefits) of selected aspects of forestry policies, regulations, and guidelines in Wisconsin?
  • What forestry-related factors are expected to enhance or reduce the competitiveness of forest-based manufacturing in Wisconsin? 

Questions and requests for additional information should be directed to Fred Souba, WFPS Project Manager.

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