NCASI webcast on climate change and its effects on forests, wildlife, and biodiversity

Some sustainable forestry certification programs such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® require participants to be knowledgeable about climate change impacts on forests, wildlife, and biological diversity, and to monitor information generated from regional climate models on long-term forest health, productivity, and economic viability.

NCASI will host a webcast on July 24 to assist its member companies that participate in sustainable forestry certification programs and are interested in increasing their awareness of climate change. The webcast will begin at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time and run approximately 60 minutes. Topics to be covered include

  • drivers of climate change;
  • earth’s climate history;
  • recent trends in climate and greenhouse gases;
  • factors to consider when predicting future climates or interpreting predictions;
  • results from studies of ecological response to recent climate change; and
  • proposed adaptation strategies, including sustainable forestry options.

Participation is open to all NCASI member companies at no charge. Pre-registration is not required.

For more information about this upcoming special webcast, see the Events listing on or contact Dr. Ben Wigley.

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