Leadership transition in NCASI Western Wildlife Program

NCASI is pleased to announce that Dr. Jacob Verschuyl has been promoted to Western Wildlife Program Manager. He succeeds Dr. Larry Irwin, who served as Manager of the Western Wildlife Program from its inception in 1986. Dr. Irwin will remain a NCASI Fellow engaged in research on ungulates, spotted owls, and others topics.

Dr. Verschuyl holds a Ph.D. from Montana State University and has a wealth of field research experience in the Pacific Northwest. He joined NCASI in 2009 to lead a new research and technical development program on biological diversity in managed forests with emphasis on wildlife responses to intensive forestry practices. Dr. Verschuyl has demonstrated a strong capacity for cooperative research with agencies and universities by organizing new field investigations on ecological relations of birds, arthropods, ungulates and herbicide applications in western forests.   

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