Conservation assessment of birds on private lands

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Department of Interior are distributing The State of the Birds 2013 Report on Private Lands. The report was developed collaboratively by public and private organizations involved in the U.S. North American Bird Conservation Initiative. Dr. Ben Wigley (NCASI) contributed information to the report about bird communities and their conservation on private working forests.

The report shows how private land conservation and conservation incentives positively impact bird habitat, and emphasizes the importance of working lands to bird conservation. For example, the report notes that, “Many privately owned working lands that produce food, timber, and other resources for society also provide valuable habitat for birds.” It also indicates that, “Sustainable working lands can meet the economic bottom line while providing habitat for birds and cleaner water, cleaner air, and improved human health for communities.” An electronic copy of the full State of the Birds 2013 Report on Private Lands is available at NCASI members may request a printed copy from Carol Williams at the NCASI Corporate Office.   

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