Forestry session at Northern Regional Meeting

Arrangements are nearly complete for NCASI’s 2013 Northern Regional Meeting to be held May 8-9 in Wausau, Wisconsin. The forestry technical session will include the following presentations.

Forestry Trends in the Lake States: Regional & Local Forestry Issues

Jim Hoppe, Packaging Corporation of America  

Interpretive Summary of 2010 RPA Assessment

Erik Schilling and Paul Van Deusen, NCASI 

Economics and Timber Market Trends

Prakash Nepal, U.S. Forest Service  

Aspen Responses to Elevated O3 and CO2: Results from the Wisconsin FACE Experiment

Mark Kubiske, U.S. Forest Service  

Regional T&E Species Issues

Tim O’Hara, Minnesota Forest Industries  

Biodiversity Response to Green Tree Retention in Pine Forests

Kevin Russell, University of Wisconsin  

Costs and Benefits of Constraints on Forest Management

Henry Schienebeck, Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association; Darrell Zastrow, Wisconsin DNR; Jane Severt, Wisconsin County Forests Association 

Trends in Sustainable Wood Procurement Certification

Gordon Mouw, NewPage Corp.  

Trends in EPA Greenhouse Gas Reports

Chris Woodall, U.S. Forest Service  

Application of Water Quality Standards to Forestry: Challenges and Considerations

Craig Loehle, NCASI  

Biotic Responses to In-Stream Sediment

Bob Danehy, NCASI  

Using GForest and FIA Data to Assess Biomass Supply

Paul Van Deusen, NCASI  

Aspen Biomass Harvesting-Site Productivity Project

Robert Froese, Michigan Technological University  

Ecology and Management of Low Value Biomass

Eric Vance and Ben Wigley, NCASI 


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