Forest Service releases 2010 RPA Assessment

Every ten years, the US Forest Service prepares an update of its evaluation of the conditions, trends, and futures for renewable natural resources on America’s forests and rangelands. This evaluation is required by the Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act of 1974 and is commonly known as the RPA Assessment.

The Forest Service recently released its summary report on the 2010 RPA Assessment. Key topics addressed in the summary report and supporting technical documents include projected trends in US forest area, timber prices, forest products outputs, forest carbon stocks, water consumption, and biodiversity metrics under scenarios representing alternative sets of assumptions about future trends in economic growth, climate change, bioenergy demand, and population growth.

The 2010 RPA Assessment summary report is available for download at A fact sheet and a link to supporting technical reports are also found on that page. Requests for hard copies should be sent to