Wet storage of logs

Wood procurement organizations face increasing demands to demonstrate sustainability while meeting wood quality objectives and limiting costs in global markets. In recent years, NCASI’s technical studies program has included projects that address environmental and sustainability topics of special interest to wood procurement organizations.

In the US South, some mills store substantial quantities of logs in “wet decks” during the summer and fall to ensure that fiber is available during winter and spring when wet weather and soil conditions can restrict logging activity. However, information on water and energy use efficiency in wet storage systems for roundwood is surprisingly sparse in the published literature.

NCASI is distributing Special Report 12-04, Examination of Fiber Yield and Wood Quality from Roundwood in Wet Storage. This report documents NCASI’s initial efforts to develop protocols for collection and analysis of wood samples from logs in wet storage. These protocols have been applied in NCASI research on options for reducing water and energy use in wet deck operations while maintaining fiber quality. Results reported here indicate that wood can be stored in wet decks for substantial periods of time without major changes in the wood quality parameters that were measured in this pilot study.

NCASI members can download this report from NCASI’s website (www.ncasi.org) or obtain a printed copy by sending an email request to publications@ncasi.org.  

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