Biomass technical session at NCASI Southern Regional Meeting

NCASI’s 2012 Southern Regional Meeting will be held June 11-13 in Greenville, South Carolina ( The meeting will include technical sessions on Sustainable Bioenergy and Biomaterials that will run all day on June 12 and during the morning on June 13. The agenda follows.

South Carolina’s Forest Sector and the Bioeconomy: Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Tim Adams, South Carolina Forestry Commission  

Update on Draft EPA Carbon Accounting Framework, UNFCC, and International Bioenergy Policies

Reid Miner, NCASI  

Future Trends in Southern Forest Area, Forest Carbon Stocks, and Bioenergy Demand – Modeling Results, Methodological Issues, and Research Needs

Dr. Dave Wear, US Forest Service  

Implications for Biomass Supplies of a Potential Diameter-class Imbalance in Southern Pines

Richard Harper, US Forest Service  

Buckeye Technologies, Sustainability and Growth

Chip Aiken, Buckeye Technologies, Inc.  

Conversion of Paper Mill Sludge into Liquid Fuels and Higher-Value Chemicals

Dr. Harry Cullinan, Auburn University  

Progress and Experience in Commercializing a Viable Biomass to Fuel Technology

Dr. Dan Strope, KiOR, Inc. 

Scoping Study of Sustainability Indicators and Certification Options for Biomass Feedstocks

Dr. Vickie Tatum, NCASI  

Perspectives on Certification of Sustainable Forest Biomass Production

Eric Myers, Duke Energy  

EPA’s Pesticide General Permit Program: Implications for Forest Biomass Feedstock Producers and Supplies

Rob Olszewski, Plum Creek Timber Company  

Measuring the Water Footprint of Intensive Forestry Systems in Uruguay and the US South

Dr. Jami Nettles, Weyerhaeuser Company  

Water Footprinting and its Role in Forest Sector Sustainability

Paul Wiegand, NCASI  

Non-Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Biomass Combustion and Processing

Rob Crawford and Dr. Arun Someshwar, NCASI 

Biodiversity and the Bioeconomy: Potential Conflicts and Opportunities for Compatibility

Dr. Craig Loehle and Dr. Ben Wigley, NCASI  

Habitat-based Approach to Biodiversity Conservation – A South Carolina Pilot Test

Tony Melchiors, Weyerhaeuser Company  

Factors Influencing Bat Occupancy of Managed-Pine Landscapes in the South

Dr. Steven Castleberry, University of Georgia  

Field Assessment of the Potential for Eucalyptus to be Invasive in the US South

Dr. John Stanturf and Dr. Mac Callaham, USDA Forest Service  

A Field Study of Alternative Approaches to Managing Logging Residues in Southern Pine Plantations – Study Design and Preliminary Results

Dr. Christopher Moorman, North Carolina State University  

Methods for Identification of Seasonal and Isolated Wetlands in Managed Pine Landscapes

Dr. Robert Baldwin, Clemson University  

The Cerulean Warbler Conservation Initiative – Key Scientific Findings and Lessons Learned about the Roles and Limitations of Science in Biodiversity Conservation

Dr. Ben Wigley, NCASI