Managing accidental releases of petroleum products in forestry operations

NCASI is distributing Technical Bulletin No. 990, Control and Fate of Small Spills and Accidental Releases of Petroleum Products during Forestry Operations. The authors are Philip R. Weatherford and Vickie L. Tatum with NCASI. The abstract follows.

“Accidental spills of petroleum products from forestry equipment can occur for various reasons, including hydraulic hose breaks, other mechanical failures, operator errors, and vandalism. This document provides information that will help users respond appropriately to these small, accidental spills. The document 1) compiles information related to spill response in state forestry best management practices, state forest practices acts, and state and federal environmental regulations; 2) provides examples of equipment and supplies useful for managing spills and where such materials can be obtained; and 3) presents an annotated bibliography of scientific publications related to the environmental impacts of small spills and accidental releases of petroleum products. The material in this document is for informational purposes only and is not for the purpose of providing legal advice.”

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