Stewardship guidelines for biotech trees

The Institute of Forest Biotechnlogy (IFB) has developed Responsible Use: Biotech Tree Principles, the most comprehensive effort ever undertaken to establish ethical and responsible guidelines for the stewardship of biotech trees. Developed through a transparent process over two and a half years with input from hundreds of stakeholders worldwide, the Principles are believed to be the first-ever consensus document of global significance developed for the use and application of a major technology, before the technology is widely used. They are available free online at

The Principles were developed with support of conservation groups and some of the world’s leading university researchers, government experts, and tree growers and users. Although the Principles are voluntary and are not a certification system, they represent a commitment to find best practices and offer guidance to those involved with the science of forest biotechnology to achieve the following objectives: 
  • Establish a high level of performance for managing biotech trees that is recognized around the world.
  • Create a simple and effective set of practices so users along the biotech tree value chain know how to use the trees responsibly.
  • Increase societal benefits when biotech trees are used by promoting interaction and education between foresters, biotechnologists, and other stakeholders.  

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