Volume 23, No. 03 - April 27, 2011

Sediment trapping by streamside management zones

Results of a major field study of BMP effectiveness have been published in an article titled “Sediment trapping by streamside management zones of various widths after forest harvest and site preparation” (Forest Science 56(6):541-551).

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Bird occupancy of streamside management zones

Data from a field study in Arkansas show that several bird species associated with mature forests are common in narrow SMZs in pine plantations. Data and modeling results are presented in the article “Width of riparian buffer and structure of adjacent plantations influence occupancy of conservation priority birds” (Biodiversity Conservation 20:625-642).

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Stewardship guidelines for biotech trees

The Institute of Forest Biotechnlogy (IFB) has developed Responsible Use: Biotech Tree Principles, the most comprehensive effort ever undertaken to establish ethical and responsible guidelines for the stewardship of biotech trees.

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Environmental aspects of wood residue combustion

The March 2011 issue of TAPPI Journal includes an article by NCASI staff titled “Environmental aspects of wood residue combustion in forest products industry boilers.”

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Biodiversity responses to harvesting coarse woody debris for bioenergy

To assess potential responses of vertebrates to removal of snags and down coarse woody debris during biomass harvests, NCASI supported a review of the literature and a meta-analysis of experimental studies.

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Productivity, carbon budgets and nutrient cycling in pine-switchgrass systems

Potential markets and policy incentives for bioenergy have stimulated interest in options for producing more biomass in forestry and agroforestry systems. Growing switchgrass between rows of loblolly pine is a promising option for the US South. NCASI is providing support for measurements of productivity and site characteristics at pine-switchgrass research sites.

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