Forest Biomass Cooperative


NCASI is organizing a Forest Biomass Cooperative (FBC) to sponsor and direct scientific investigations that will support sustainable production and use of biomass grown in forestry and agroforestry settings. Participation in the FBC is open to biomass producers, traditional forest products companies, and new users of biomass resources.

The FBC business case is straightforward.  New and established participants in forest biomass markets need scientific information to address environmental and sustainability issues. Priority topics include effects of biomass production and use on wood supplies, biodiversity, water quantity and quality, air quality, and greenhouse gas emissions. Failure to address these topics could result in regulations and/or environmental campaigns that impose excessive constraints and costs on the production and use of biomass resources.

NCASI has unsurpassed experience in managing cooperative investigations of environmental and sustainability topics related to the production and use of forest resources. Founded in 1943, NCASI has a sterling reputation as a provider of high-quality scientific information focused on the information needs of its Member Companies. Keys to success in NCASI programs include (a) careful articulation of information needs and time constraints through dialogue with diverse stakeholders; (b) marshalling internal and external resources to address key information needs in a manner that is scientifically defensible and cost-effective; and (c) communication of research results to stakeholders in terms that are relevant to management and policy decisions. 

NCASI is engaged in consultations with potentially interested parties to discuss the FBC concept and strategies for implementation. To facilitate the discussion, the FBC’s Organizing Committee has identified several features of a workable Cooperative. In brief, Companies engaged in timberland management and/or the manufacture of traditional forest products (pulp, paper, building products) may participate in the FBC through their membership in NCASI. Other for-profit companies are eligible to participate in the FBC as Cooperators if they are engaged (or preparing to engage) in any of the following activities: (a) biomass harvesting and transportation; (b) generation of electrical or thermal energy from biomass; (c) modification of biomass to produce liquid, solid, or gaseous fuels; (d) conversion of biomass into renewable materials other than pulp, paper or building products; (e) providing equipment, materials, or technical consulting services to companies participating in forest-based value chains.

Companies interested in the FBC are invited to contact Alan Lucier or Kirsten Vice. The FBC prospectus and other relevant documents are avaialable.  


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