Wildlife monitoring in Canada

NCASI is distributing Special Report No. 10-02, Compendium of Long-Term Wildlife Monitoring Programs in Canada by Ms. Sonya Lévesque. This report details the various wildlife monitoring programs across Canada that deal with vertebrate species in the wild. The compendium is a tool to help forest researchers and managers better harness the value in datasets from these programs, and to identify sources of information, gaps, redundancies, and opportunities for industry collaboration. For every program in the compendium, the reader will find a detailed description, contact information, and, when possible, a map of the area covered by the program in question.

The Compendium describes more than 100 programs conducted by various agencies, non-governmental organizations, and industry partners. Programs may be limited to one or a few species, or may include as many species as can be documented by staff or volunteers (e.g., biodiversity monitoring).

The great majority of wildlife monitoring programs in Canada (~71%) focus on bird species. Further, most programs are based in single provinces, although some of these may be linked by a national-level organization (e.g., Bird Studies Canada).

For a copy of the report, please email your request to publications@ncasi.org.

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