Volume 22, No. 03 - April 9, 2010

Forests and water

Water quality generally improves with increases in the extent of forests in watersheds. Reasons for this important relationship are reviewed in a recent paper titled “Linkages between forest soils and water quality and quantity” (Forest Ecology and Management 258:2269-2281).

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Effects of timber harvest on stream nutrient concentrations in Idaho

The Mica Creek Experimental Watershed is a paired and nested watershed study in Shoshone County in northern Idaho. Participating organizations include Potlatch Corporation, University of Idaho, and NCASI. Partial funding support has been provided by USDA’s National Research Initiative. A recent paper from the Mica Creek study is titled “Nutrient concentration dynamics in an inland Pacific Northwest watershed before and after timber harvest” (Forest Ecology and Management 257:1663-1675).

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NCASI technical comments on status of the gopher tortoise

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is conducting a status review for the gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) to determine whether the species should be listed as threatened in the eastern portion of its range. The status review was initiated in response to a petition submitted in 2006 by two environmental organizations. NCASI recently submitted data and technical comments to the Service regarding a variety of factors related to habitat conditions for the tortoise and results of tortoise surveys on commercial pine forests.

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Status review for the striped newt

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has released its 90-day finding on a petition to list the striped newt (Notophthalmus perstriatus) as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The Service has determined that the petition presents substantial scientific or commercial information indicating that listing the species may be warranted. Therefore, the Service is initiating a review of the status of the striped newt.

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Forestry sessions at 2010 NCASI Northern Regional Meeting

NCASI’s 2010 Northern Regional Meeting will be held May 12-13 in Portland, Maine. The meeting will include a forestry technical session on May 12 titled Planning a Sustainable Future for Northern Forests. In addition, a workshop on Biomass Energy and Sustainable Forestry will be held on the morning of May 13.

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